Alvarez and Marsal
A&M Global Transaction Advisory Group

Malaysia: Opportunities and Risks in the Context of COVID-19

Richard Chen
Managing Director
Allison Chen

Dawn Duong
Senior Director

Is opportunity hiding underneath the economic rubble of COVID-19? Richard Chen, Managing Director; Dawn Duong, Senior Director; Allison Chen, Manager; and Alvarez & Marsal’s Global Transaction Advisory Group, say “yes.” In the “Malaysia: Opportunities and risks in the context of COVID-19” report they explain why and discuss:

  • Malaysia’s economic structure and the drivers behind the country’s economic success
  • Benefits from utilizing abundant natural resources and a highly educated working population
  • The six dimensions for evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on the general economy and within specific sectors
  • Driving forces, challenges and how Malaysia has weathered past crises…

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